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Dear friend –

Forest Vance here – veteran personal trainer and certified Russian kettlebell instructor, former pro athlete, gym owner, and published author based out of Sacramento, CA.

I have a “little black book” of my favorite kettlebell boot camp workouts – which I’m always adding to, tweaking, etc. – and 90% of the time, that’s where I pull my daily boot camp workouts from.  This way, I don’t have to spend hours a day racking my brain for fresh and fun training ideas.

Of course, I have a plan and progression for my programming over time – but this method makes my life SO much easier.

Now, if you are a boot camp instructor – or, if you are just a boot camp workout enthusiast – you should be doing the same.  It’s the only way to go!

Interestingly though, based on talks with dozens of friends and associates in the business – most people KNOW they should be keeping their own version of a “little black book” – but for whatever reason, DON’T.

So I’ve come up with a solution to this problem.  I’ve put together dozens of my favorite kettlebell boot camp resources, for you to “steal” and use with your campers (and yourself!)

Now introducing …

The Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts Mega-Pack (NEW and updated for 2015!)

Inside this special discounted bundle, you’ll find:

The 10×10 Kettlebell Solution

My original ‘flagship’ kettlebell program.  Discover inside:

  • How to perfectly perform the ‘core 10′ kettlebell and body weight exercises.  You’ll get maximum results in minimum time and stay injury free.
  • Kettlebell training tips that clients say make all the difference in their training progress.  It’ll be like having me as your personal trainer over the next 10 weeks.  These are training tips that you truly can’t find anywhere else.
  • Exactly what to do every day for the next 10 weeks to reach your ultimate fitness goals.  No more guess work … just a done-for-you plan.
  • How to fix many of the common kettlebell and body weight technique problems – ‘pick my brain’ and get the benefit of my years of training experience on this one (I see the same issues over and over again … and I’ve included fixes to lots of common training problems in this manual)
  • And much more!

21 Fat Burning Kettlebell Cardio Workouts

Not for the faint of heart – but if rapid fat loss and extreme cardio conditioning are what you’re after, you’ll love this one …

You’ll find the complete 21 workout program spelled out for you.  In 42 days, you’ll progressively and systematically build your strength and cardio endurance with kettlebell and body weight – based movements.  These workouts are short – under 30 minutes, some under 20 – and INTENSE.

Ultimate Kettlebell Challenge Workouts


In this high-quality, fluff-free, no-B.S. program, you’ll be taken by the hand as I walk you through 33 NEW kettlebell challenge workouts – a full 8+ week training plan where you’ll never repeat the same workout twice! – that you can do any time, any place, with just a single kettlebell and your own body weight.  Workouts you’ll find inside:

  • Doing it Way Big
  • Super Circuit
  • The Punisher
  • Pull Up, TGU, Swing, Cardio Giant Circuit
  • ExtraHard
  • Welcome to the Jungle
  • FVT Challenge Workout
  • BW and KB Smoke Session
  • Up the Ladder
  • Strength Tri-Set
  • Simple but TOUGH
  • Kettlebell and Body Weight Beat Down
  • Fun Day
  • Strong and Simple
  • Swing and Burpee Kettlebell Challenge
  • Total Body Strength and Conditioning
  • Mega Strength Day
  • Hybrid Cardio
  • Single KB Complex
  • Cardio Strength Training
  • Get It
  • Death by Snatch and Burpee
  • KB / BW Blowout
  • Killer Kettlebell Complex
  • Killer Kettlebell Complex 2
  • The Puker
  • Down ‘n’ Dirty KB Boot Camp Workout
  • Full Body Melt Down
  • Total Body Insanity
  • Time to Get Tough
  • Flipped
  • Shoulder Bully
  • Fearsome Foursome

The FVT Kettlebell Basics Workshop Videos


In this video series, I take you by the hand and walk you through, step-by-step, EXACTLY how to do every basic kettlebell exercise.

The biggest obstacle folks have in getting started with kettlebell training is making sure they are performing all the exercises safely and effectively – and these workshop videos solve that problem.

We had a professional film crew come in and film the last Kettlebell Basics workshop we did at my studio.  It’s literally the closest thing to attending one in-person, without actually being there ;)  These are typically $97-$197 to attend – and we only do them in Sacramento, twice a year.

In these workshop videos, you will get detailed instruction, coaching, cues, technique corrections, drills, and more on ALL the basic kettlebell exercises, including:

  • The Deadlift and variations
  • The Swing
  • The Turkish get up and variations
  • The Clean
  • The Press and variations
  • The squat
  • The Snatch and progressions to work up to it
  • And much more!!

Plus, these videos are formatted to watch online, can be downloaded to your computer – even viewed directly on your mobile device!

Mud Run Domination



Kettlebell and body weight – based training program that works AWESOME in a boot camp setting. In this program, you’ll focus on:

  • Total body strengthening – get strong and tough enough to beat any obstacle
  • Building functional strength – you’ll build muscle that not only looks good, but works great too
  • Increasing flexibility and mobility – qualities you’ll need to stay injury free on race day
  • Improving cardio endurance – a KEY component of performing at a high level at your event
  • Improving mental toughness – maybe the most important quality of all at your mud run
  • Getting you stronger, faster, and more athletic!

The 30 Day Performance Nutrition Diet


Find inside:

  • A totally done-for-you diet that’ll have you leaner, stronger, and BETTER in just 30 days.  I take out ALL the diet confusion and tell you exactly what to do to get results, fast.
  • A complete 7 day meal plan – the diet plan lays out in detail exactly what you need to do … but I’ve taken it a step further to make it even MORE done-for-you … I’ve created a full 7 days worth of meals for you!  Just follow the plan and get results.
  • A complete guide to overcoming the #1 clean eating OBSTACLE – can you guess what it is? :)

Three bonus bodyweight, dumbbell, barbell, and kettlebell workouts

barbell kettlebell

More fun boot camp – style body weight, dumbbell, barbell and kettlebell workouts!

Football Bootcamp Workout

football bootcamp

A bootcamp-style workout for ‘regular folks’, inspired by a sports-specific football strength and conditioning program.


So, check it out … if you were to purchase each of these programs separately (and you can if you want to, in my store at, you would pay well over $150.

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Take a full 60 days to try the program. If for any reason at all you’re unsatisfied, contact me and I’ll refund the full purchase price of your order!

Thanks, and take care –

Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Level 2 Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor

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